Chalet Point | Workplace Retreats
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Beautiful lake views, the private beaches and walking trails…
leave the city behind.

– Deb Campbell, Wellness Retreat Guest 

Workplace Retreats

Chalet Point specializes in customizing unique wellness retreat experiences. Choose from a variety of offerings including: guided or self-directed yoga, *mindfulness motivation, fitness instruction, nutrition counselling, massage, pet therapy, and nature therapy.

*Mindfulness Motivation is based on Dr. Terra Johnston’s forthcoming book “Grow for it! Creating Joy in your Life through Mindfulness Motivation” 

Outdoor amenities include: private beaches on Lake Winnipeg, balconies and decks, screened gazebos, walking trails, outdoor gym, obstacle course, gardens, kayaking, bicycles, and meditation gardens.

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Ways to connect:

399 Chalet Beach Road

Matlock, MB

R0C 2B0

Email:      [email protected]

Phone:     204.795.6307